195 RCSCC Bicknell


The Bicknell Band is the Cadet Band with RCSCC Bicknell. The Band is a young ensemble of twenty-two cadet musicians who, as ambassadors of Richmond pride and good will, perform throughout the community of Richmond.


The role of the Bicknell Band is to provide esprit de corps in the Cadet Corps. The Bicknell Band was formed to heighten morale and provide music for various functions. Parades and social events are some of the many engagements that display the talented musicians of the Bicknell Band. The Bicknell Band communicates through music, fostering training and enjoyment to many.


The Training of the Bicknell Band focuses on ensemble, drill, and music theory. Cadets have the opportunity to earn Cadet Music levels Basic to Level 1. The cadets who play Trumpet also have the opportunity to earn their Bugler Qualification. Cadets who wish to take a leadership role also have the chance to earn their Drum Major Qualification. Bicknell has a music training program that runs from October to December that enables them to progress through theory levels and prepare them for higher music levels which can be achieved at the Band Clinics supported by the Regional Cadet Music Advisor. From January to May, the cadets prepare their music and drill skills to participate in the Lower Mainland Band Competition.